Majestic Lap Swimming Pools


The award winning design of the Majestic salt water pool provides a swimming pool that would be a fantastic source of entertainment. Using injected molded resin copings and components this pool has been specifically engineered for salt water. Salt water is a natural antiseptic, a water softener, as well as denser, which helps the kids to float, and also makes the temperature more stable. The Majestic can be installed above, partially or completely in ground.  The Majestic is also available in Round, Teardrop or Oval. 20 year limited warranty - conditions apply.
Salt Water pools have been engineered to always keep your pool water clean and healthy with the absolute minimum amount of work.

Pool Package Includes:

  • Filter (Sand or Cartridge)
  • Motor
  • Liner (Light Blue, Dark Blue or Green)
  • Moulded ladder
  • Vac head
  • Hose
  • Handle
  • Scoop & test kit.
  • Nominated Salt water chlorinator
  • Non corrosive top & bottom rails
  • Nuts & bolts
  • Post plates
  • ZAM coated (zinc,aluminium,magnesium) posts and post plates
  • Double laminated Vinyl pool wall

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Majestic Saltwater Lap Pools:
  • 5.2m x 3.0m x 1.32m
  • 7.9m x 3m x 1.32m
  • 9m x 3m x 1.32m
  • 11.6m x 3m x 1.32m
  • 15.2m x 3.0m x 1.32m

Deep end option of 1.8m can be added.

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Lap Pool 15.0M x 3.0M x 1.32M

Priced From $10995.00

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